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It's Time... To Hold Our Noses

Let me begin with an admission. There are certain media outlets that I find offensive, so offensive in fact, that I once asked a business owner if I could shut the tv off when that network's news was on (I was the only customer at the time). That being said, I think it's extremely important to at least try to understand viewpoints that you don't necessarily agree with. I don't believe this was much of an issue even ten years ago, but things have changed since the Presidential election of 2016. Friendships have ended, relationships have certainly been tested, and even family dynamics have been altered.

I want to be clear. Even if everyone started viewing or listening to media sources with different perspectives than what they were used to, there will not be a national "group hug" anytime soon. Minds will probably not be changed and all relationships won't suddenly improve or be repaired. I do believe, though, that this very small step may help each of us to understand different viewpoints.

As an example, I use Apple News, only because I have Apple products. Rather than me having to seek out outlets with differing viewpoints, Apple News posts articles from sources as diverse as CNN, Fox, The Wall Street Journal, etc. I can't say that my views have changed, but I think I have a better understanding of those whose political beliefs are very different than my own. Try it and, if you already read or listen to a variety of political viewpoints, please share below- it may serve to help others.


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