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  • Jim Sack

Time Out


It was in the 70's when I realized how bad I am at making "in game adjustments"- those immediate changes to my behavior. I was playing in a tennis tournament and I realized that my opponent had a weak backhand. I should've then changed my strategy and concentrated on that weakness, but I didn't. I couldn't make the adjustment and I lost. I really needed a time out to think this through.

This brings me to teaching. Teaching has lots of built in time outs in the form of vacations centered around holidays and, of course, summer. For me it was a blessing because it gave me time to reflect on what I was doing and make the necessary changes to do it better. Sometimes, it was as simple as changing how my student's desks were arranged or who sat where. Other times, I saw the need to change the way I was teaching a certain topic or subject. Regardless, I needed those time outs.

Am I the only one who needs time outs?


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