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There's nothing like celebrating Halloween in school!

If you were to ask most teachers what their least favorite school day is, Halloween would be near the top of the list. On that day, it's harder to get kids to work because of the many distractions. Some schools have even dropped celebrating holidays like Halloween. Call me old school, but I loved Halloween when I was teaching and think all students are entitled to a little fun that day. Before anyone jumps down my throat, I know how packed a teacher's schedule is in doing what has to be done during the school day. I also know that costumes, parades, and parties are a huge distraction for kids. I even know that some object to celebrating a "pagan" holiday. Still, as long as you're making the most of your instructional time, you can still fit in a little fun!

Because I'm a storyteller, let me share a few Halloween experiences from my teaching days. There was the time I went as a laundry basket with clothes velcroed all over me. That was a hit. Then, there was my brilliant idea to go as a bag of leaves. I cut holes for my legs and filled the bag with leaves, only to have the bag rip as I walked, dropping leaves all the way down the hall. Not such a big hit. Our classroom parties were great, although there was that time when I asked kids to take home any left over candy and was a second late with my reminder to be careful with bags that might be open. Candy flew everywhere! (speaking of flying candy, check out my Paula book if you get a chance) For those who really want to travel back in time, I remember sending our fifth graders to join the back of our elementary school parade that would be walking outside to visit another elementary school and our middle school. We told them we'd see them in a while. Imagine doing that nowadays?

Let me finish with some advice for parents (sorry, I can't help myself). If your child's school does celebrate Halloween, please be mindful of the rules set forth by school personnel regarding costumes, parents in the building, etc. Those rules are meant to keep everyone safe. Have a great Halloween!


FYI, Mounds are my favorite!

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