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Share Those School Stories!

The first book I wrote was The Real Classroom, a collection of stories and student quotes from school, and lessons I learned as a teacher and principal. Although many of the stories and quotes were mine, many were from other teachers, parents, and former students. Well, I'm currently working on a revised edition, with more stories and quotes, and I'm hoping for new contributions.

Let me give you an example. I was on a team of fifth grade teachers that decided to put on a play called "The Electric Sunshine Man" about Thomas Edison. I missed the meeting to plan this so I ended up being in charge of the dance number, which involved four couples doing a dance routine from the fifties (by the way, if you know me, you'd realize how unqualified I was for this task). Luckily, my wife loves to dance so she figured out the dance steps and then I taught the routine to the kids who volunteered. The night of the performance I remember two things. The first was when a student delivered his lines, his Mom stood up to take a photo and he burst out laughing and couldn't stop. The second thing I remember is that the dance turned out to be the hit of the show, in my unbiased opinion!

Now, if you have stories or quotes that you'd like to share, just use my contact page here on my site or email them to me at No real names are used and your stories or quotes can be funny or serious. Anything related to school is welcome, as my topics range from the school bathroom to favorite/least favorite teacher to bullying... anything about school!


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