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It's Time... For ME To Step Up

I can't tell you how often I think of ideas to write about in this space, only to be overwhelmed. I then forget all about it. Well, not today.

Two recent news items caught my attention and I felt frustrated reading each. The first had to do with cell phones in school. Now, I was an elementary teacher and retired well over ten years ago so cell phones weren't really an issue. They are now and it seems in all grades, especially at the middle school and high school levels. Many schools have banned the use of cell phones during classes, which appears to be very difficult to enforce. Some have purchased locking pouches so students aren't able to use their phone during the school day, which seems to be working. However, I'd guess that in most cases, parents are paying for their child's cell phone and usage, but even if they aren't, why aren't parents more involved in limiting their child's phone usage in school? Even if there aren't any rules limiting phone usage, don't they care about their child's learning?

The second item is just disturbing to me. A well known performer was arrested, not for the first time, and instead of being embarrassed and/or apologizing for his behavior, he was selling T-shirts with his mug shot on it. Now, I may sound like an old fogey for writing this, but it says something when being arrested is turned into a marketing opportunity. Sorry, but I find that behavior offensive and irresponsible.


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