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It's Time... To Stop Blaming Donald Trump For Everything- A Follow Up Challenge!

I shared a post on social media this week explaining why it's not fair or accurate to blame Donald Trump for everything that's wrong with the world. I also shared openly how I personally despise the man. My point then was to make clear that, whether you support him or not, he isn't responsible for the world's problems. Unfortunately, the comments made were all critical of Trump, without anyone explaining how he wasn't to blame for everything. Maybe that's my fault for sharing my disdain for the man in the first place.

So, the challenge, but first let me begin with a story. Teaching and modeling empathy was a priority for me as an educator. One lesson I did with fifth graders involved hunting. I asked students whether they were for hunting or against hunting and then asked for about ten volunteers to participate in a debate. Students would have to take on the opposite position that they believed. In other words, those that supported hunting would argue against it and so on. The kids were wonderful, especially a boy who loved to hunt, but gave a strong argument against hunting. Now the challenge. Those that are not Donald Trump supporters must make a positive comment about him. There were no comments from his supporters, but if this describes you, please add a negative comment.

I'll go first. Although immigration has been a mess for decades, involving those who continue to enter our country, as well as those who live here illegally, it doesn't appear to have ever been dealt with successfully. It just seems that it was ignored, sort of swept under the rug. That is, until Donald Trump ran for the office of the Presidency and was elected in 2016. He made it a priority.


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