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It's Time...To Break Down The Conflict In The Middle East

Israelis, Palestinians, Hamas, Zionists, Arabs, Muslims, Jews, etc. It's all very frightening and confusing, especially as people around the world make assumptions, generalizations, and form opinions as to who's right and wrong and what actions should be taken. Consider this a "primer" that may help in understanding what's going on. Please keep in mind that the region and issues faced are very complicated so this is simply meant as an overview.

  • Israel was formed in 1948 and there was conflict immediately because the land had been home to Arabs/Palestinians. Neighboring countries in the Middle East have never forgotten that or recognized Israel's right to exist and there have been wars and continued conflict between Israel and its Arab neighbors since.

  • In recent years, especially, the Israeli government has developed Israel's territory, added more settlements, and placed more restrictions on Palestinians regarding travel, work, etc.

  • Hamas launched an attack on Israel on October 7, killing over 1,200 people and taking several hundreds as hostages.

  • Israel launched a counterattack in Gaza that is still happening, with many thousands of Palestinians killed.

Now, it's very important to keep the following in mind:

  1. There has never been peace in that region. Israelis are surrounded by countries that resent its existence and Palestinians have been treated unfairly and do not have their own homeland. As is usually the case in times of war, innocent people are the most likely to suffer.

  2. Whether you agree or disagree with Hamas' attack on October 7th, Hamas had to know that Israel would strike back.

  3. Israel also knows that destroying Hamas is extremely difficult, regardless of all of the assaults and bombings it does.

  4. There is certainly no easy solution. If Israel ends it's attacks, Hamas can claim victory that it has survived and the Palestinian people are likely to feel even more hatred towards Israel, including increased support for Hamas. If Israel continues its attacks, more Palestinians are killed, there is less international support for Israel, and the war will continue.

  5. As this war drags on, neighboring countries, other terrorist organizations, etc. all become involved one way or another. This may be good news for some and bad news for others.

  6. Finally, remember that the Hamas attack on October 7, as brutal as it was, was over quickly. The Israeli response has gone on for months so it remains front and center in the news.

Here in the United States, many have been quick to take sides, both in peaceful protests or demonstrations or by blaming American Jews or Palestinians. The results have included violence and the spread of hate for others. Let me finish by stating clearly that, regardless of how you feel about the current conflict, that doesn't give anyone the justification to blame or harm those who are viewed as the "bad guy" in this, especially since American citizens have no role in the decisions being made in the Middle East.


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